Serie A: Referee designations 17 day

massa Designazioni arbitrali 17 giornata

Referee designations 17 day

Fiorentina-Sassuolo   Saturday 7  h. 15.00

Primo piano di Manganiello

Referee: Manganiello from Pinerolo

Assistants: Priests – Baccini

IV: Rutella di Enna        Var: Duties of Rome 1

Manganiello is called to confirm the good progress he is making in this championship. The match has its pitfalls, the Piedmontese whistle has always had its guarantees.

Juventus-Udinese    Saturday 7  h. 18.00

Matteo Marchetti arbitro

Referee: Marchetti of Ostia Lido

Assistants: Vivenzi – Rossi C

IV: Volpi of Arezzo      Var: La Penna of Rome 1

Interesting match for the young Lazio referee in the presence of a rapidly growing Juventus. Marchetti is a player Rocchi believes in, let’s see if he confirms his qualities in Turin too.

Monza-Inter    Saturday 7  h. 20.45

sacchi arbitro

Referee: Sacchi from Macerata

Assistants: Bottegoni – Cipressa

IV: Massimi di Termoli      Var: Mazzoleni di Bergamo

The referee from the Marches is called to one of the important matches of the day. His last few games have had some flaws, but his qualities are a guarantee for the Lombard derby.

Salernitana-Torino    Sunday 8  h. 12.30

esordio alla scala colombo-arbitro

Referee: Colombo from Como

Assistants: Bresmes – Yoshkawa

IV: Giua of Olbia       Var: Marini of Rome 1

Serie A again for the rampant referee from Como. The designator Rocchi bets on him, the designation of Salerno is a confirmation of this. Colombo is growing visibly and Rocchi is proving it with increasingly demanding tests.

Lazio-Empoli     Sunday 8  h. 15.00


Referee: Pezzuto from Lecce

Assistants: Palermo – Ceccon

IV: Prontera of Bologna    Var: Nasca of Bari

For the referee from Lecce, he continues his journey in Serie A, which is leading him to be one of the most reliable. He certainly has Rocchi’s trust, let’s see if the positive momentum continues.

Spezia-Lecce   Sunday 8 h. 15.00

Chiffi che interrompe l'azione

Referee: Chiffi from Padua

Assistants: Berti – Tolfo

IV: Gualtieri of Asti   Var: Guide of Torre Annunziata

For one of the delicate matches involving the lower part of the standings, Chiffi represents the guarantee for a good performance of the match. The Padova international has always been at high levels this season and Rocchi relies on him to manage the thorniest races.

Sampdoria-Napoli Sunday 8 h. 18.00

abisso di tre quarti

Referee: Abisso from Palermo

Assistants: Bercigli – Cecconi

IV: Marinelli of Tivoli      Var: Valeri of Rome 1

Delicate match and Abyss for the path of this season with ample guarantees. His performance is constantly growing and he is deserving of these races which are of high difficulty, given the rankings of both.

Milan-Roma Sunday 8 h. 20.45


Referee: Massa from Imperia

Assistants: Lo Cicero – Di Iorio

IV: Aurelian of Bologna     Var: Irrati of Pistoia

The big.match rightly given to Massa. This season, the Ligurian race director is also confirming the excellent progress he is making in the international arena in the league.

H.Verona-Cremonese   Monday 9  h. 18.30

mariani arbitro

Referee: Mariani di Aprilia

Assistants: Colarossi – Mokhtar

IV: Cosso of Reggio Calabria      Var: Di Paolo of Avezzano

For the riskiest game of the day, Rocchi called Mariani, the most brilliant referee this season in terms of performance. Absolute guarantee, also from the path he is following internationally.

Bologna-Atalanta    Monday 9   h. 20.45

di bello in campo

Referee: Di Bello from Brindisi

Assistants: Rossi L – Capaldo

IV: Perenzoni of Rovereto     Var: Banti of Livorno

Game with some pitfalls for this reason the international from Puglia is called. This season he hasn’t been as brilliant as in others, but he’s always a guarantee, given by his experience and charisma.


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