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Série B 2023: Sport 3×3 Ponte Preta


After losing 3×0, Sport recovers and seeks a draw at Ilha do Retiro. Taking an important step in the fight for access.

Sport e Ponte Preta fecharam a rodada da Série B com um grande jogo

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Sport 3×3 Ponte Preta

Ponte Preta had a devastating start to the game, where they didn’t allow Sport to play in their own home. In João Brigatti’s debut, the Campinas team dominated the Rubro-Negro in the first half and scored their goals on deadly counterattacks.

At the 25th minute, Léo Naldi delivered a beautiful pass to Jeh on the left, behind the defense. The forward went at Rafael Thyere, cut to the right, and took a shot. Denis managed to touch the ball, but it went into the back of the net.

At the 29th minute, once again on a counterattack from the left side, Ponte Preta equalized. Luiz Felipe sent Maílton through, who entered the area unchallenged, with only the keeper to beat. With space, he struck it hard into the corner of the goal, marking Macaca’s second goal.

At the 35th minute, Léo Naldi attempted a long-range shot, and the ball hit Rafael Thyere’s open arm. The referee immediately signaled for a penalty kick. In the spot-kick, Maílton struck it powerfully and across, scoring Ponte’s third goal in just a 12-minute interval.

Sport sofreu no primeiro tempo diante da Ponte Preta


In injury time of the first half, Sport scored their first goal with a touch of luck. Alan Ruiz took a corner kick, the defense cleared it, and Jorginho took a first-time shot from the edge of the box. Vágner Love deflected it in a “startle,” and the ball slowly found its way into the corner.

At the 2nd minute, Diego Souza came close to scoring a masterpiece. Vágner Love crossed it into the box, Diego Souza controlled it with his chest and attempted a bicycle kick, but Caíque França made the save.

At the 8th minute, Sport tried their luck from long range. The ball bounced in front of Caíque França, and he made the save.

At the 11th minute, Sport nearly scored their second goal. Alan Ruiz passed to Vágner Love in the box. The forward turned and played a low pass to Diego Souza, who was in the small area but was intercepted by the defense and couldn’t get the shot off.

At the 20th minute, Fabrício Daniel received the ball from Jorginho on the right, dribbled past the defender Arthur, and won a penalty. Diego Souza was getting ready to take it, but Fabrício Daniel requested to take the shot, and the veteran allowed it, much to the frustration of Enderson Moreira, who wanted Diego Souza to take the penalty. Fabrício Daniel took it with a sort of hesitation and converted, but the play generated a lot of complaints from the Ponte Preta players, who wanted the goal to be overturned, which did not happen.

Sport consegue empate contra a Ponte Preta, na Ilha

At the 34th minute, Sport equalized. Edinho delivered a cross into the box, two Ponte defenders made a mess of it, and the ball fell cleanly to Jorginho, who controlled it and slotted it into the back of the net.

At the 42nd minute, Ponte Preta came close to scoring. Fabinho attempted to pass it back to Denis but made a terrible mistake, giving the ball to the Colombian Paul Villero, who, face to face with the goalkeeper, sent it wide.

In injury time, Sport tried to mount a late surge, but Caíque França ended up preserving the draw. Consequently, there was a mix of boos and applause from the fans.

With the draw, Sport occupies the second position in Serie B with 55 points, while Ponte Preta sits in 16th place with 34 points, four points ahead of Chapecoense, the first team in the relegation zone.

In the next round, the Leão da Ilha faces Juventude at the Alfredo Jaconi Stadium in a direct battle for promotion to Serie A. Meanwhile, Ponte Preta takes on Atlético-GO at the Moisés Lucarelli Stadium.


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Written by Henry Miller.

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