Series A: Payment of fees over 5 years

Rateizzazione delle tasse in 5 anni Payment of fees over 5 years Pagamento de taxas acima de 5 anos

Payment of fees over 5 years

With the approval of the budget law, the provisions for the payment of taxes have been issued, suspended during the Covid period and which concern all sports clubs, including professional ones. Payment can be made in 5 years with a maximum of 60 installments in which a 3% increase will be calculated on the amount due.

In this regard, some opposition parties opposed it because they considered this provision a gift to the world of professional football. On the part of the government, it was considered correct to apply to the world of sport the same criterion adopted for the other professional categories, to which tax payments had been suspended during the period of the pandemic.

Funds for the Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics

olimpiadi invernali milano-cortina

The provision regarding the installment of taxes was not the only measure taken for the sports sector. In fact, funds have been given for the Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics and also with regard to encouraging the use of bicycles through the “Bici in comune” project, which promotes cycling in cities.

European candidacy

coppa europei

Another important issue in anticipation of 2023 concerns the construction of new sports facilities starting from new stadiums in anticipation of the 2032 European football championships. In fact, Italy will present its candidacy for the organization of the continental event by April and UEFA will decide by September to whom to assign its organization.

On this point, when the candidacy is presented, Italy will have to be certain that it has stadiums that meet the standards required by UEFA. For this reason, the Minister of Sport Andrea Abodi is working on a hypothesis of commitment by the government with the related projects to support the development of infrastructures to be presented by mid-January.

Already in the period of the Draghi government, Minister Abodi when he was president of Credito Sportivo in agreement with the president of the FIGC Gravina, had imagined the creation of a public-private fund and intervene to be more competitive.

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