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Toni Kroos Announces Retirement from Football

Toni Kroos anuncia aposentadoria Toni Kroos Announces Retirement Toni Kroos annuncia il ritiro

Toni Kroos Announces Retirement from Football

One of the greatest midfielders of his generation, Kroos has announced that he will retire after the end of this year’s Euro Cup.

Join us as we follow this announcement and his final season as a professional, covering everything he has achieved and what is still up for grabs.

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Toni Kroos Announces Retirement

On May 21, 2024, Toni Kroos announced his retirement on his official Instagram account through a post, which can be viewed below:


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As stated in both English and Spanish, the German midfielder frequently praises his last club, Real Madrid. Let’s take a look:

“July 17th, 2014 – the day of my presentation at Real Madrid, the day that changed my life. My life as a footballer – but especially as a person. It was the start of a new chapter at the biggest club in the world. After 10 years, at the end of the season this chapter comes to an end. I will never forget that insolent successful time! I would particularly like to thank everyone that welcomed me with an open heart and trusted me.

But especially I would like to thank you, dear Madridistas, for your affection and your love from the first day until the last one. At the same time this decision means that my career as an active footballer will end this summer after the Euro championship. As I have always said: Real Madrid is and will be my last club.

I am happy and proud, that in my mind I found the right timing for my decision and that I could choose it by my own. My ambition was always to finish my career at the peak of my performance level. From now on there is only one leading thought: a por la 15!!! HALA MADRID Y NADA MAS!

The post already has over 7 million likes.

From this text, we can extract several interesting points. One of them is the gratitude and identification with Real Madrid, above all.

A man who had the courage to exalt the club where he made history, even though this is an extremely personal moment for an athlete—the end of their professional journey.

He also highlighted his commitment to the team, which is on the verge of competing in another Champions League final, a competition in which he is a multiple-time champion.

Algoz do Brasil e ídolo do Real Madrid, Toni Kroos anuncia aposentadoria após a Eurocopa - Folha PE

Image: Real Madrid

The 2023/24 Season

At this moment, Toni Kroos can say that his farewell season will not go unnoticed, as the La Liga and Spanish Super Cup titles are already secured.

But he, as the great winner that he is, wants much more.

He will conclude the club season in a Champions League match, with the possibility of taking home his sixth Big Ears trophy.

If this comes to pass, he would equal Gento, one of the greatest players in Real Madrid’s history and the player with the most Champions League wins.

Germany and Real Madrid great Toni Kroos to retire after Euro 2024 | National Sports | ottumwacourier.com

Image: Jose Breton

As if that weren’t enough, he also has the chance to lift a trophy he has never had the opportunity to win: the Euro Cup.

The World Cup trophy is already in his collection, but the Euro Cup is one that is missing.

In fact, it is a title Germany has not won for a long time, since 1996.

As for his individual performance, it has been astonishing, as always.

One of Toni Kroos’s trademarks is his consistency. It is very difficult to recall a season or a long sequence of games in which the midfielder was not at his best.

This is reflected in his passing accuracy percentage this season: 95%, according to Sofascore.

But these are not the only impressive numbers.

According to Wyscout, Toni Kroos had a percentage of 82.4% successful actions this season, as well as an 81.7% success rate in long passes.

These statistics highlight his main characteristics.

Moreover, it is important to note that he is one of the few remaining players from the three-time Champions League-winning generation. Most impressive was Ancelotti’s choice of Kroos as a starter.

Even at 34, he is a true maestro on the pitch. It seems he could play at a high level for several more seasons.

Indeed, it is hard to imagine a team today in which Kroos would not be a starter.

Nevertheless, he decides to hang up his boots and dedicate himself to his family.

Do you believe the German could close his brilliant career with another Champions League and a first-ever Euro Cup?

Toni Kroos anuncia aposentadoria após Eurocopa

Image: Placar

Written by Vitor F L Miller.

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