Carlo Ancelotti new coach of Brazil

Carlo Ancelotti Brasile selecao

Carlo Ancelotti new coach of Brazil

From 1 July 2024, Carlo Ancelotti will become the new head coach of the Brazilian national team, leading the Selecao in the finals of the Copa América and in the qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup. Until then, Ancelotti will maintain his role as coach of Real Madrid for honor his contract expiring in June 2024.

An ideal solution to respect Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team

The president of the CBF, Ednaldo Rodrigues, has found the ideal solution to respect both Real Madrid, allowing Ancelotti to complete his contract with the Madrid club, and the green-and-gold national team, by convincing Fernando Deniz, coach of Fluminense, to take charge of the national team until June 2024. The courtship of the Italian coach by the federal president Rodrigues was very decisive and convincing, until the most successful coach around capitulated.

Carlo Ancelotti’s motivations for accepting the challenge from Brazil

Carlo Ancelotti’s motivations are very important for having accepted such a fascinating challenge. The first is certainly that after having won everything with clubs from the top five European countries, coaching an important national team like Brazil could be the beginning of a new phase of the extraordinary journey as a coach. Secondly, coaching a team like Brazil, the most successful in history with five titles, but which hasn’t won for over 22 years, presents a stimulating challenge for a successful coach like him.

Carlo Ancelotti will enjoy several advantages in his new post in Brazil, having worked with the majority of Selecao players during his previous tenures at European clubs. Furthermore, being accustomed to handling pressure at all levels, he will have no problem coping with the expectations that inevitably surround a national team like Brazil. Another important element is the character of Carlo Ancelotti, which combines very well with that of the Brazilians, always being cheerful and serene, capable of facing any difficulty both on and off the pitch.

The possible accompaniment of Kakà in Ancelotti’s Brazilian adventure

Ancelotti, the only coach in the world to have won in the five main European championships (Italy with Milan, Spain with Real Madrid, England with Chelsea, Germany with Bayer Monaco and France with PSG), could be accompanied in this adventure in green-gold land by one of his former pupils like Kakà. In fact, the Brazilian phenomenon, who won the Ballon d’Or at Milan under the guidance of Ancelotti as well as the Champions League, would be the ideal support to introduce the Emilian coach to the environment of a country like Brazil, where football is everything .

Fabio Capello praises Ancelotti’s qualities

Fabio capello Carlo Ancelotti

The advent of the Italian coach on the Selecao bench sparked a lot of enthusiasm among the Brazilian fans, who are convinced that dreaming of a sixth world title with Ancelotti is possible. Even insiders are unanimous in considering Ancelotti as the ideal coach for Brazil.

Today Fabio Capello who was at the helm of national teams such as England and Russia for many years expressed himself thus in an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport: “He is the best, he never marries the same verb, his way of putting on the pitch the team respects the characteristics of the players and not their predetermined game form, this in coaching a national team is a decisive factor for winning”. Again Capello “he knows how to convey serenity and confidence to the players, his skill is to understand the players he has at his disposal. He has character, patience and strength of nerve, which allow him to be followed by the players”.

Carlo Ancelotti: A coach respected and loved by the players

Thanks to his experience in coaching champions, Ancelotti knows how to command respect and form a loving bond with the players, so much so that many regard him as a father figure. The opinion of the Brazilian players who worked with Ancelotti decisively influenced the choice of the CBF, as everyone recognizes his mastery on the bench and considers him the ideal coach to face Brazil’s future world challenges.

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