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3rd Phase of the Brazilian Cup Defined

3a Fase da Copa do Brasil copa do brasil 3rd Phase of the Brazilian Cup Fase 3 della Coppa del Brasile

This past week, the 3rd phase of the Brazilian Cup was defined, as well as its home and away fixtures.

Join us as we review the matchups that will stir up this phase of the millionaire tournament.

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Regulations of the 3rd Phase of the Brazilian Cup

The 3rd phase of the Brazilian Cup will feature a total of 32 teams, bringing together those who have been present since its first round, along with the qualifiers for the Copa Libertadores.

The determination of home and away fixtures and matchups were made by drawing lots at an event held by the CBF.

The teams were divided into two pots, as follows:

  • Pot 1: Flamengo, Palmeiras, São Paulo, Athletico-PR, Atlético-MG, Corinthians, Fluminense, Grêmio, Fortaleza, Internacional, Bahia, Botafogo, Bragantino, Atlético-GO, Ceará and Cuiabá.
  • Pote : Goiás, Vasco, Juventude, Sport, CRB, Vitória, Criciúma, Sampaio Corrêa, Operário-PR, Botafogo-SP, Brusque, Ypiranga-RS, América-RN, Amazonas, Águia de Marabá and Sousa-PB.

Here, it’s worth making a brief analysis of the technical and investment disparity between the pots. The Brazilian Cup is a tournament in which smaller teams have the opportunity to capitalize as they progress through the phases.

However, it raises the question: Is it truly democratic?

We’ll analyze how far the less prominent clubs can go, facing true titans of Brazilian football.

Furthermore, regarding prizes and values, below is the breakdown of the amounts to be pocketed by each club in case of advancing to the next phase.

Image: CBF Reproduction

As we can observe, up to the third phase, there is a stark difference in prize money between clubs from Serie A, B, and others.

We understand that the reason the tournament’s prize money is so high is due to the presence of top teams competing for the title and all the media attention that comes with it.

However, the CBF should think more carefully about the issue to subsidize and level the prizes.

This is because, when we talk about a small team from the depths of Brazil, the difference of R$700 thousand from the first phase, for example, can mean years of maintenance within the institution and, who knows, change the course of history.

Finally, it’s worth noting that in case of a draw, that is, when the aggregate scores of both matches are equal, there will be no extra time, but a penalty shootout.


Operário-PR vs Grêmio

Grêmio, the second biggest champion of the tournament, with five titles, will have the opportunity to secure their place in the round of 16 at home.

They will face Operário, a team from Paraná that had a good state championship, stopping at the semifinals against Athletico Paranaense.

The team from Ponta Grossa, in the interior of Paraná, will compete in Serie B and has already secured important values for the third phase, which will be crucial for the rest of the season.

Clearly, Grêmio is the favorite, but they must be attentive, especially considering the highs and lows experienced this season.

Grêmio perderá Soteldo por pelo menos dois meses - ESPN

Image: Donaldo Hadlich/Codigo 19/Gazeta Press

Bahia vs Criciúma

A matchup between two Serie A teams, both well-structured.

Despite losing the state championship to their biggest rival, Vitória, Bahia is a heavily invested team. Over time, Rogério Ceni has been able to introduce his style of play to the squad, which even managed an important comeback victory against Fluminense at the Fonte Nova stadium.

Criciúma is the current champion of Santa Catarina and has been having a great season.

With the arrival of Yannick Bolasie, the team has been performing well in the Brasileirão, despite not securing a victory yet. They have two draws so far.

The matchup is completely open, but Criciuma has a slight advantage playing at home and having a more established team.

Sampaio Corrêa-MA vs Fluminense

We haven’t seen the same Fluminense as in 2023, so far. Despite this, the technical disparity is significant for the matchup against Sampaio Corrêa, which cannot be ignored.

The Rio de Janeiro team should comfortably advance, especially playing at home.

Sousa-PB vs Red Bull Bragantino

Sousa-PB’s campaign is historic, regardless of what happens in this third phase.

However, Red Bull Bragantino under Pedro Caixinha has many weapons, especially with two matches, to achieve the necessary result to advance.

Goiás vs Cuiabá

Despite being a matchup between a Serie A club (Cuiabá) and a Serie B club (Goiás), the competition is quite balanced.

Cuiabá didn’t start well in the Brasileirão and suffered a resounding 4-0 defeat against Athletico Paranaense.

Goiás will start the Serie B strongly aiming for promotion.

The team, in fact, has made several recent signings, such as Messias, Benítez, Thiago Galhardo, David Braz, and others. Not to mention coach Marcio Zanardi.

If this team clicks, they have every chance of advancing.

Botafogo vs Vitória

A matchup between Serie A teams that is completely open.

Despite Botafogo’s higher investment compared to Vitória, the northeastern team has shown a more consistent style of play, even against slightly lower-level opponents in the state championship.

Considering the possibility of deciding at home, as well as Botafogo’s need to also focus on the Copa Libertadores, there are chances of Vitória advancing.

Fortaleza vs Vasco

A duel between Serie A teams, promising to be highly contested.

The teams are similar in various aspects, but apparently, Fortaleza is finding its best form again.

Under Vojvoda’s command, the team has experienced periods of ups and downs.

However, the match will be decided at São Januário, and Fortaleza will also play the Copa Sudamericana with full force, having to divide attention between the two competitions.

Flamengo vs Amazonas

Perhaps one of the most uneven matchups of this phase.

Amazonas is on a beautiful upward trajectory in its history, but Flamengo is the clear favorite to win the competition, alongside Palmeiras.

De La Cruz desencanta e vira o homem-gol do Flamengo no Brasileiro | CNN Brasil

Image: Divulgação/ Flamengo X

Águia de Marabá vs São Paulo

Águia de Marabá is another case of a beautiful journey in the 2024 Brazilian Cup, but they are likely to be knocked out in the round of 32.

In addition to facing São Paulo, they will have to play at Morumbi Stadium, which is quite challenging.

Palmeiras vs Botafogo-SP

A clash between São Paulo teams.

Palmeiras is the clear favorite to advance.

Ypiranga-RS vs Athletico-PR

A matchup between teams from Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná.

Athletico has all the possibilities to advance to the next phase, especially considering the decisive match at Arena da Baixada.

Internacional vs Juventude

A game filled with rivalry and tension.

Inter and Juventude recreate the semifinal of the 2024 Gaúcho Championship.

On that occasion, Juventude advanced.

Now, Inter will seek revenge. They might have their reinforcement, Borré, who hasn’t scored yet.

The dynamics will change a bit since in the Gauchão, the final match was decided at Beira-Rio.

In the Brazilian Cup, the return leg will be in Caxias do Sul.

Nos pênaltis, Juventude elimina Inter no Beira-Rio e está na final do Gauchão | CNN Brasil

Image: Fernando Alves/ECJuventude

CRB vs Ceará

A highly balanced duel.

Both teams are in Serie B and were state champions.

The difference lies in the Copa do Nordeste. CRB advanced to the semifinals, while Ceará was eliminated.

It’s really impossible to predict who will advance.

América-RN vs Corinthians

Corinthians hasn’t had a good start in the Brasileirão.

The team responded well in the Paulistão after the arrival of Antonio Oliveira, but the good performances haven’t been repeated frequently.

Although Corinthians is still trying to find its best style of play, they should qualify, also considering the decision at Neo Química Arena.

Brusque-SC vs Atlético-GO

A balanced matchup, but there’s a slight advantage for Atlético-GO, who will decide at home.

Atlético-MG vs Sport

Galo won’t have an easy time against Sport, which has an interesting squad.

However, aside from the Palmeiras/Flamengo tier, Atlético is the most likely to go far.

If they want to be champions, they cannot underestimate their opponents.

And for you? Who will advance?

Written by Vitor F L Miller.

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