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Ecuador in the 2024 Copa América: The Most Rapidly Evolving Team in the World

Equador expectativas Copa América 2024 Ecuador Ecuador

It’s not just Ecuador’s national team that is evolving; the entire country’s football scene has been undergoing significant development.

Join us as we explore the expectations for the 2024 Copa América and delve into the growth of football in this nation that straddles the equator.

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Ecuador’s Recent Performance

Ecuadorian supporters have been enjoying excellent times cheering for their national team.

In the past, the country often didn’t even qualify for the World Cup, but since 2002, La Tri has become a regular fixture in the world’s most prestigious tournament.

They have a good chance of qualifying for the fifth time.

Their best performance was in 2006, when they reached the Round of 16 but were eliminated by England after a 1-0 defeat.

In the last World Cup, they lacked a bit of tradition to advance to the Round of 16.

In a great start to the competition, they convincingly defeated the hosts, Qatar, 2-0.

In the next round, they achieved a historic result: a 1-1 draw with the Netherlands, in a match where Ecuador could have easily secured the victory and, consequently, qualification.

However, in the final round, when only a draw was needed to advance, they were defeated by Senegal, 2-1.

Despite this, Ecuador left a good impression.

A year earlier, in the 2021 Copa América, they reached the quarter-finals.

Can La Tri go even further in the 2024 Copa América?

Equador: La Tri.

Image: Getty Images

How is Ecuador Playing?

Before examining the team on the pitch, let’s look at their position in the standings.

At the moment, they are in fifth place in the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers with 8 points.

It’s worth noting that Ecuador started the competition with a three-point deduction due to the Byron Castillo case.

According to the Swiss Supreme Court, the player was actually Colombian, despite having played in all the qualifiers leading up to the Qatar World Cup for Ecuador.

La Tricolor was allowed to participate in the tournament but was penalised with a points deduction in the current qualifiers.

Therefore, they have actually earned 11 points, which would place them in fourth position.

The team, boasting many technically skilled and high-level players, has a well-structured system.

They operate in a very versatile 4-2-3-1 formation, where the trio in midfield support two wide players who overlap with the full-backs. In the centre, you often find Kendry Paez, the prodigious youngster from Independiente del Valle, who has already been snapped up by Chelsea.

This setup allows them to create plays down the flanks, delivering low crosses typically finished by the attacking midfielders and advancing full-backs.

And of course, leading the attack is Enner Valencia, the top scorer in the history of the national team.

Vídeo: Enner Valencia marca e Equador vence a Bolívia

Image: Divulgação

The Evolution of Ecuadorian Football

Nothing happens by chance, and the improvement in Ecuadorian football is no exception.

Some time ago, the country decided to structure its football scene. While this involved significant foreign investment, it mainly relied on national private capital, enabling Ecuador to make a leap in the South American context.

The club that has stood out the most is Independiente del Valle. With an ambitious playing style from its early days, the young team (founded in 1958 but completely overhauled in 2007) has been achieving surprising results since then.

They have won a league title, a national cup, a super cup, as well as being two-time Copa Sudamericana champions and Libertadores runners-up in 2016.

All of this is the result of hard work and planning. Today, the institution boasts a state-of-the-art training centre, managed by a renowned staff.

Consequently, rivals saw the need to level up in their preparation, modernising and keeping pace with Del Valle’s growth.

As a result, Ecuadorian football has become a significant market for exporting players.

We see players like Caicedo and Estupiñán making a name for themselves in the Premier League.

Moreover, the financially strong Brazilian market is also acquiring many Ecuadorian players.

As if that weren’t enough, Kendry Paez will soon join Chelsea to become another successful Ecuadorian in European football.

If they continue at this pace, they have everything to increasingly make their mark on the international stage and perhaps even win a title soon.

Kendry Páez volta a fazer história: Veja os feitos do futuro prodígio do Chelsea ::

Image: Getty Images

Written by Vitor F L Miller.

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