Flamengo wins and Vasco is defeated by Carioca


On Wednesday night, Flamengo comfortably defeated Sampaio Corrêa with a large crowd at Mangueirão, while Vasco suffered a defeat against Nova Iguaçu in a match with controversial refereeing.

In the upcoming round, Vasco and Flamengo will face each other at Maracanã, in the round’s classic match.

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Sampaio Corrêa 0x2 Flamengo

Playing in Belém, Flamengo and Sampaio Corrêa had an audience of 49,112 people at Mangueirão, with a match revenue of R$ 5,902,110.00. The Rubro-Negro hadn’t played at Mangueirão since 2013, in a 1×0 victory against Remo in the Copa do Brasil.

On the field, Flamengo completely dominated the weak opponent in the first half, built the advantage, and in the second half, merely managed the result.

Flamengo created their first dangerous opportunity at the 7th minute. Ayrton Lucas crossed, David Luiz headed, and goalkeeper Leandro Matheus stretched to make the save.

At the 9th minute, the Rubro-Negro opened the scoring. De La Cruz took a free-kick, the goalkeeper faltered and palmed it to Bruno Henrique, who sent it into the back of the net.

At the 13th minute, Léo Pereira deflected the corner at the near post, Pulgar appeared alone but hit the crossbar.

At the 28th minute, Gerson made a good cross, Arrascaeta received in the box and crossed to Gabigol, but the forward didn’t reach it in time.

At the 30th minute, Arrascaeta set up a free-kick, and Gabigol unleashed a low bomb. The ball deflected off the wall, and Leandro made the save with his feet.

After many attempts, Gabigol finally managed to score. At the 41st minute, Arrascaeta advanced and found a pass for the top scorer to beat the goalkeeper. Gabigol hadn’t scored a goal without a penalty in 6 months.

Gabigol comemora seu primeiro gol em 2024 pelo Flamengo — Foto: Marcelo Cortes / CRF

Photo: Marcelo Cortes / CRF

In the second half, Tite took the opportunity to make several changes to the team, preparing for the upcoming clash against Vasco and conducting tests. The coach substituted Erick Pulgar, Ayrton Lucas, and De La Cruz to give a chance to players with fewer minutes, such as Rayan Lucas.

At the 9th minute, De La Cruz set up Gabigol one-on-one with the goalkeeper, but the striker hesitated, and when he finally shot, he was blocked by the opposing defender.

At the 13th minute, Luiz Araújo received inside the box, shot with his left foot, and hit the net on the outside.

With the victory, Flamengo is in 6th place in the Campeonato Carioca, with 8 points in 4 games. Sampaio Corrêa, on the other hand, is the penultimate placed with only 1 point.

Nova Iguaçu 2×0 Vasco

Considering the upcoming classic against Flamengo, Ramón Díaz rested some starters, and Vasco had a poor performance, including being taunted by the fans with “olé.” The match was marked by the referee’s terrible performance, leading to his removal immediately after the game.

At the 4th minute, Xandinho advanced from behind the midfield with great speed, entered the box, but poorly shot.

At the 7th minute, Rossi crossed to David between the defenders, but the striker couldn’t hit the ball properly.

At the 11th minute, Yago attempted a long-range shot, and the ball hit the crossbar of Léo Jardim.

Nova Iguaçu opened the scoring at the 33rd minute. Maicon lost the ball in defense to Yago, who passed it to Carlinhos, alone, to push it into the back of the net.

Vasco created their best chance at the 23rd minute of the second half. Payet tried to cross, hitting the post, posing a great threat.

At the 24th minute, Rossi suffered a violent tackle from Cayo Tenório, who was already booked with a yellow card. The player hit the shins of the Vasco forward with his cleats, but the referee João Marcos Gonçalves Fernandes didn’t even call a foul.


Photo: Reproduction/Goat

Nova Iguaçu extended the lead with a fantastic goal, in a beautiful team play. With various triangulations from the defense, Carlinhos crossed, and Lucas Campos nodded it in first to make it 2×0.

Nova Iguaçu surpreende e vence Vasco por 2 x 0 em Uberlândia | Metrópoles


Due to the refereeing errors, FERJ removed the referee from the match with the following statement: “Due to glaring flaws in the disciplinary part of the refereeing in Nova Iguaçu x Vasco, completely contrary to the instructions of the Referee Department and outside the standard of excellence established as a rule by the Rio de Janeiro Football Federation, the Referee Department (DEAF-RJ) decides to remove the referee João Marcos Gonçalves Fernandes from the list of referees of the Carioca Championship 2024.”

Vasco missed the chance to temporarily take the lead in the Carioca and is in 7th place with 8 points in 5 games. Nova Iguaçu is in 3rd place with 10 points in 5 games.


Written by Henry Miller.

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