Inter-Porto 1-0, Porto goes KO at San Siro

inter-porto lukaku e barella

Presentation of the Inter-Porto teams

The doubt about Inter’s lineup concerns who will play alongside Lautaro between Lukaku and Dzeko. In the middle of the field in the control room Calhanoglu should play alongside Barella and Mkhitaryan. Onana will return in goal.

For Porto, the doubts are in attack and coach Conceicao should rely on Tani Martinez and Taremi.

The referee of the match will be the Serbian Jovanovic.

Match commentary

formazioni inter-porto

First half

Start of the match with the black and blue team trying to take the reins of the game and the Portuguese responding aggressively to the opponents’ play. On the 2nd action of Dimarco who hit hard on goal, his shot was blocked by a defender. In the 19th minute Calhanoglu’s shot was blocked by goalkeeper Diego Costa. On the 27th occasion for Porto, Grujic’s shot went over the crossbar.

In the 30th minute Porto again went forward with Otavio committing the Inter goalkeeper Onana. On the 37th occasion again for Porto with Taremi seeing his shot rejected by Onana. In the 40th minute, double yellow cards for Galen and Dimarco for unsportsmanlike behaviour. In the 47th minute it was Bastoni who headed Portuguese goalkeeper Diego Costa.

Second half

Porto started strong right away and with Uribe tried to surprise Onana with his shot going high over the crossbar. On the 53rd occasion for Barella his diagonal shot just wide. In the 55th minute Taremi engages Onana with a strong shot that the Inter goalkeeper blocks. In the 57th minute, a double save by Onana who saves the result. In the 63rd minute Pepè was booked for having interrupted a clear attacking action.

In the 73rd minute there was a great opportunity for Inter with Lautaro failing to push the ball into the net following a cross from Lukaku. In the 78th minute Otavio was sent off for a second yellow card. In the 86th minute, Inter scored with Lukaku who first hit the post with his head, in the rebound tapin who went on to the net. In the 88th minute, another chance for Lukaku who hits goalkeeper Diego Costa’s face with a strong shot. In the 94th minute, the Serbian referee Jovanovic gave a final whistle which sanctioned the victory of Inzaghi’s team.

Final analysis

Not an easy match for Inter in the presence of a well-placed Porto on the pitch, who proved to be in great shape and put the black and blue rearguard in difficulty. Inzaghi’s team believed in it until the end and was rewarded with Lukaku, who entered the field with the right attitude to try to do well. The return to Porto in a fortnight will certainly be very interesting to watch, to determine who will qualify for the quarter-finals of the competition.


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