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Victor Osimhen: The king of gol for 100 million

re del gol king of gol

Osimhen the king of gol

In Napoli’s ride, in this first phase of the season, the absolute protagonist was the centre-forward Victor Osimhen. With his goals he dragged Spalletti’s team to the top of the standings, even if he was out for a while due to injury.

Despite the period of absence, he managed to score 9 goals without taking any penalties and is the top scorer in the league. What impresses about this forward is not only that he is a great finisher, but how he helps the team in the non-possession phase, by pressing on the opponents. His technical qualities are accompanied by strength and great speed, which make him uncatchable for his opponents. Furthermore, with his personality he manages to drag his teammates who, through him, manage to realize the great work done in all parts of the field.

Missing from the World Cup

It’s a real shame not to be able to admire Osimhen at the next World Cup, in fact unfortunately his Nigeria failed to qualify for the finals. There will certainly be a lack of a protagonist who is showing both in Italy and in Europe that he is one of the strongest strikers around. Some of the most important European clubs have set their sights on him, first and foremost Real Madrid, looking for a striker who will have to take Benzema’s place over time.

Osimhen’s value has certainly risen over 100 million in recent times and even without his participation in the world cup, surely some of the top European clubs will knock on Napoli’s door next summer to try to acquire his performances.

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