20 million for Gerson, this is the obstacle that Flamengo must overcome

Gerson del Marsiglia

Brasileirao market

In Brazil, after the World Cup, the market is in full swing in anticipation of the resumption of activity with the state championships.


luis suarez

Gremio, newly promoted to Serie A, is trying to sign Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez. In fact he is preparing a proposal to present to the footballer, but before sinking the decisive blow he wants to understand if the same is convinced of going to the Porto Alegre team since he has proposals from the United States.


Flamengo is always pressing to bring midfielder Gerson back from Marseille to Rio de Janeiro. In fact, the former Roma and Fiorentina player is no longer part of coach Tudor’s plans and Flamengo would be the ideal solution for his relaunch. The obstacle to overcome are the costs for the transfer since the request of the French is 20 million euros.


Matheus corinthias

Ronaldo’s Cruzeiro the phenomenon is dealing with the striker Matheus Davò owned by Corinthians who was in force at Bahia last season. The San Paolo club would like to sell the player on loan while the same would like to be sold permanently. The Belo Horizonte team also welcomed winger Wesley from Palmeiras for medical examinations.


Vasco, newly promoted to Serie A, is signing central defender Leo from San Paolo for 3 million dollars.

Atletico Mineiro

keno fluminense

Atletico Mineiro is taking midfielder Keno from Fluminense, the two companies are in the final stages of the negotiation for the transfer of the player to the Rio de Janeiro club since 2019.

In Brazil they note that Carlo Ancelotti will not become the coach of the Selecao because he will remain at Real Madrid.

The president of Botafogo, Durcesio Mello, joins the board of directors of Lyon, with the new ownership of the transalpine club. From this will arise a clear collaboration between the two clubs.

Santos presented the new central defender Messias from Ceará.

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