Brazil, The Barn of Stars

Brazil, since the beginning of football, reveals the most talented players to the world

In this article we will present two names of the new Brazilian generation, with the potential to emerge at the highest level of football.

Matheus França (Flamengo)

The Flamengo midfielder has been attracting interest from clubs in Europe since the end of last year. Rubro-Negro has already rejected millionaire offers from Newcastle and Bayer Leverkusen for the jewel. Due to European interest, Flamengo renewed the player’s contract until December 31, 2027 and imposed a termination fine that reaches R$ 1 billion for clubs abroad.

Despite being only 18 years old, he was an important part of Flamengo in the 2022 season, participating in 32 games and scoring 7 goals with the main team, contributing to the Libertadores and Copa do Brasil titles.

He is a very versatile midfielder, who can play in all attacking positions. He is right-footed and has a very mature understanding of the game, even at a young age, he has an understanding of spaces, body positions, structures and reading on the field. He plays looking not much to the ball, in addition to showing coolness towards the goalkeeper at the end.

With 1.82m tall, the athlete climbs well to head the ball, managing to take advantage of the opponents in the dispute. Despite weighing 72 kg and slender build, Matheus França has shown physical strength to withstand tackles.

Brazil, The Barn of Stars

Giovani (Palmeiras)

The 19-year-old striker has been showing a promising start to the 2023 season. In the game against Mirassol, with just 30 minutes on the field, Giovani was the big name of the match, providing two assists, for goals by Breno Lopes and Atuesta. In the next game he scored in the victory over Santos by 3 to 1.

In 2022, the year also started well, being one of the main highlights of Palmeiras in the unprecedented conquest of the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior, however, he injured his ankle and spent the second semester trying to return to his ideal, but small muscle injuries came, which did not the striker to hitch in the season.

The young talent is a skilful winger, with great control of the ball, who usually has a 1-on-1 advantage on the wing. The striker received a curious nickname when he played in the base divisions, the nickname “Mahrez from Academy”  appeared because he has similar characteristics. Left-footedand usually playing on the right, Giovani is slender like the Algerian and finishes from the tip inwards.

The Palmeirense board sees a lot of potential in the jewel, so much so that it turned down an offer from Ajax in 2022 that could reach R$ 100 million. The winger’s contract with Verdão runs until December 31, 2026 and is the most valued name on the squad after the sale of Endrick to Real Madrid for 72 million euros.

Brazil, The Barn of Stars

South American under-20

Both players were called up to compete in the South American Sub-20 Championship in Colombia, in which Brazil was crowned champion. However, both Palmeiras and Flamengo vetoed the athletes’ participation, as they consider them to be players of great importance to the squad.

What to expect from athletes in the future?

The two jewels presented have a promising future, being able to appear in 1st tier clubs in Europe. They are still very young, so they will improve their physical, tactical and technical form more and more.

In the next transfer window, certainly, the athletes will receive proposals from Europe and can paint in some big club.

What are your expectations for the career of Giovani and Matheus França? Will they be able to achieve what is expected of them?

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Written by Henry Miller.

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