Gerard Piquè: Future as President

piquè futuro future as president

Piqué could have a future as president

The strong Spanish defender, who announced his retirement from competitive sport last week, is starting to talk about what his future will be. Having never been trivial in his utterances during his career, even more so today that he has stopped, he is trying to understand what the space within Barcelona will be. In an interview he said: “It’s not true that I will accept offers from other teams, my goal is to stay at Barcelona and contribute to the renewal of the club.”

The goal

In fact, from many quarters, for those who know Piquè well, his goal would be to one day become the president of the Catalan club. We must not forget the battles that the former footballer fought for the Catalan identity, even more so, now he will be able to work freely to ensure that this identity is always affirmed within the club.

The way the club is structured, which determines its presidency through its one hundred and ten thousand members, someone like Piquè will certainly have a great chance of reaching the most coveted position by a Catalan, that is to become the number one of one of the most important clubs in the world.

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