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Manchester United Fans: the infamous Red Devils

manchester united fans Red Devils

Manchester United is one of the most iconic football clubs in the world, with a passionate and devoted fan base that extends far beyond the borders of Manchester and the United Kingdom. Manchester United fans, known as the “Red Devils”, are famous for their unwavering faith in the team and their presence in every corner of the globe. In this article, we will explore the history, culture and passion of Manchester United fans.

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Manchester United Fans’ culture

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Manchester United fans are known for their overwhelming passion for the team. The famous chant “Glory, Glory, Man United” rings out in the Old Trafford stadium and in stands around the world every time the team takes to the pitch. This chant has become an unofficial club anthem and is a symbol of the determination and pride of Manchester United fans.

The stands at Old Trafford, Manchester United’s home stadium, are often packed with fans in red and black, with the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ seating over 74,000 people. The atmosphere at home games is electrifying, with fans singing, jumping and supporting the team passionately throughout the match.

Manchester United fans are known for their loyalty to the club, even in difficult times. Even during the less fortunate seasons, the Red Devils can count on strong support from their fans. This unbreakable bond between the club and its supporters is what makes Manchester United so special.

The heated rivalry with Manchester City

One of Manchester United’s oldest and most ardent rivalries is with Manchester City, known as the “Manchester Derby”. This rivalry is rooted in geography, history and the desire for supremacy in the city of Manchester. The Red Devils fans and the City fans compete in an all-out battle in every match, fueling a passion that is palpable in every part of the city.

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The rivalry between Manchester United and Manchester City is not only limited to the sporting aspect but also has cultural and economic connotations. City, with a wealthy owner and massive financial investments, have emerged as a competitive force in recent years. This fueled the competition between the two clubs even more, with both fans eager to demonstrate their team’s superiority.

The global spread of passion for Manchester United

Manchester United has a fan base that extends far beyond the borders of the United Kingdom. The club has a large and passionate fan base around the world, with millions of fans in countries such as the United States, China, India, Indonesia and many others. This global spread of passion for Manchester United was fueled by the club’s media presence and televised matches.

International Manchester United fans often gather in pubs and venues dedicated to the club to watch matches together. These “supporters clubs” offer a meeting place for fans who want to share the excitement of football and support the team together. Additionally, international fans often travel to watch Manchester United play at Old Trafford and other stadiums around the world.

The impact of the fans on the club

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Manchester United fans have a significant impact on the club. The passionate and constant support of the fans is a source of inspiration for the players and staff. When Manchester United are in trouble, the fans are there to lift them up and push them to give their best.

Furthermore, fans are involved in the club culture through singing, flags and choreography. These elements help create a unique atmosphere during home matches and ensure that Old Trafford is one of the most iconic venues in the world of football.

Financial support from fans is also of paramount importance. The purchase of tickets, shirts, hats and other official club products contributes to Manchester United’s financial sustainability and investment in the team.


Manchester United fans are an essential part of the club’s history and culture. Their overwhelming passion, unquestioning loyalty and global spread of faith in the club make Manchester United one of the most iconic football clubs in the world. The history of success and tragedy, the electrifying atmosphere of Old Trafford and the engagement of fans across social media demonstrate that the passion for Manchester United is endless. That passion is what makes the club special and what unites fans from all over the world into one big Red Devils family.

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