Penalty Maximum 2 Operation – 120 players potentially involved

Richard Coelho Operação Penalidade Máxima 2 120 jogadores Penalty Maximum 2 Operation pena massima 2

The Penalty Maximum 2 Operation continues at full speed and its consequences keep appearing. Therefore, Calcio Deal keeps you updated on what’s happening.

What has happened so far?

According to the information gathered and made available in our previous article, we exposed the players potentially involved and already accused by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Goiás.

However, as mentioned before, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

As investigations progress, more names come up and shock Brazilian football. So far, the Penalty Maximum 2 Operation has pointed out the possible involvement of 120 players from various clubs, who would be involved in manipulation schemes.

The 120 players

Renowned journalist Marcelo Barreto mentioned on the Sportv program, Redação Sportv, that law enforcement and all participants of the operation would have gathered the names of 120 potentially involved athletes in corruption schemes.

Such number is alarming and causes perplexity in all football lovers around the world.

There was talk of a possible competition shutdown, but this fact has already been denied by the journalist himself, as there is no evidence that this will actually happen.

Thus, here is a list of some of the 120 players who may be involved:

  1. Eduardo Bauermann (Santos)
  2. Kevin Lomónaco (Red Bull Bragantino)
  3. Moraes (Aparecidense)
  4. Jarro Pedroso (Inter de Santa Maria)
  5. Nikolas Farias (Novo Hamburgo-RS)
  6. Dadá Belmonte (América-MG)
  7. Vitor Mendes (Fluminense)
  8. Nathan (Fluminense)
  9. Richard Coelho (Cruzeiro)
  10. Nino Paraíba (América-MG)
  11. Matheusinho (América-MG)
  12. Gabriel Tota (Ypiranga-RS)
  13. Victor Ramos (Chapecoense)
  14. Igor Cariús (Sport)
  15. Paulo Miranda (Náutico)
  16. Fernando Neto (São Bernardo)
  17. Matheus Gomes (Sergipe)
  18. Romário (Vila Nova-GO)
  19. Joseph (Tombense)
  20. Mateusinho (Sampaio Corrêa)
  21. Gabriel Domingos (Vila Nova)
  22. Allan Godói (Sampaio Corrêa)
  23. André Queixo (Sampaio Corrêa)
  24. Ygor Catatau (Sampaio Corrêa)
  25. Paulo Sérgio (Sampaio Corrêa)
  26. Alef Manga (Coritiba)
  27. Diego Porfírio (ex-Coritiba)
  28. Bryan García (Athletico)
  29. Max Alves (Colorado Rapids)
  30. Leonardo Realpe (Bragantino)
  31. Rafael Vaz (ex-Avaí)
  32. Thonny Anderson (ex-Coritiba)
  33. Jesus Trindade (Coritiba)
  34. Maurício (Inter)
  35. Auremir (ex-Goiás)
  36. Sidcley (ex-Cuiabá)

The situation of athletes regarding clubs and justice

Some clubs have chosen to remove those under investigation from club activities, while others have preferred to keep the players integrated until there is more robust evidence to do so.

Furthermore, there are athletes who have already given statements to justice and even made agreements. Let’s see:

Eduardo Bauermann (Santos)

Bauermann is one of the most striking cases of the Penalty Maximum 2 Operation. Conversations between the player and the bettors are circulating freely on the internet, and their content is shocking.

Due to the publicity of the facts, Santos has removed Bauermann from club activities, and he has already been left out of the match against Bahia on May 10, 2023.

There is no news of the progress of the procedure against Bauermann, except for the delivery of the prints of the conversation between the Santos defender and the bettors.

Santos pode ser punido? Bauermann será preso ou banido do futebol? Especialista explica cenários ao LANCE! - Lance!

Moraes (ex Juventude, Aparecidense)

Moraes, mentioned in our previous article, is currently playing for Aparecidense, a club that competes in the Serie C of the Brazilian Championship.

The athlete had been transferred to Atlético Goianiense, but as soon as his name was mentioned in the investigations, he was removed from the team’s group in Goiás.

Therefore, he was transferred again, this time to Aparecidense.

Moraes was not charged by the MPGO, given that he made an agreement to be a witness in the procedure.

Paulo Miranda (ex Juventude, free agent)

Defender Paulo Miranda has given a statement to the Goiás justice system.

He is currently without a club.

Kevin Lomónaco (Red Bull Bragantino)

The Massa Bruta player made an agreement to act as a witness, just like Moraes.

Lomónaco reportedly received a proposal to deliberately concede a penalty, which he promptly rejected.

The Argentine has been suspended by Red Bull Bragantino since April 19th.

Richard Coelho (ex Ceará, Cruzeiro)

One of the new prominent names mentioned in the investigation, Richard Coelho, had his name mentioned in conversations between the bettors.

According to the reports, Richard, who was playing for Ceará at the time, received a sum of 40 thousand reais to receive a yellow card in the match between Ceará and Cuiabá, which actually happened at the 57th minute.

Cruzeiro suspended the player right away, who did not play against Fluminense in the 0-2 defeat last night (May 10, 2023).

Alef Manga (Coritiba)

Coxa Branca, has suspended their fan-favorite player, Alef Manga.

The player was reportedly mentioned in a list of bookmakers.

The suspension of Alef Manga has caused great dissatisfaction with his lawyer, Jeffrey Chiquini, who stated on his Instagram account:

“The player’s suspension is a hasty, mistaken, and entirely unnecessary decision. We have analyzed the entire investigation, and in over two thousand pages, Alef is only mentioned once, by third parties, in an unofficial WhatsApp chat screenshot. Therefore, there is no evidence against the player. There is no conversation between the athlete and bookmakers and no proof of receiving improper payments. We express regret for the emptying of the presumption of innocence.”

Nathan (ex Fluminense, Grêmio)

With midfielder Nathan, the situation is slightly different from the others.

The player has not been sidelined by the coaching staff or the Grêmio board. In fact, he played in the 4-1 defeat against Palmeiras on the night of May 10, 2023.

President Alberto Guerra and coach Renato Gaúcho believe in his innocence and have not taken any action so far, even though the player’s name has appeared among the 120 players potentially involved.

Vitor Mendes (ex Juventude, Fluminense)

Vitor Mendes is another member of Juventude’s 2022 team whose name was leaked in the WhatsApp messages.

As a result, Fluminense decided to suspend him.

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Written by Vitor F L Miller.

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