Série B 2023: Juventude 2×2 Sport


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Juventude and Sport drew 2-2 in an electrifying match under heavy rain, on the waterlogged Alfredo Jaconi stadium in Caxias do Sul.

Sport scored the equalizer in injury time and even came close to turning the game around in the last minute, but the goal was disallowed by the referee.

Juventude x Sport — Foto: Gabriel Tadiotto/Juventude

Photo: Gabriel Tadiotto/Juventude

Juventude 2×2 Sport

In a direct clash for promotion, Juventude and Sport engaged in an exciting match filled with emotion until the end.

Due to heavy rains, the pitch became waterlogged and in terrible playing conditions, forcing both teams to forgo short passes and rely on long clearances and set pieces.

It was from a set piece that Juventude opened the scoring. At the 14th minute, Nenê took a free-kick from the left, Danilo Boza outjumped Felipinho and headed it powerfully into the back of the net.

At the 26th minute, Alan Ruschel delivered a throw-in into the box, the Leão’s defense cleared it, and Danilo Boza unleashed a rocket from outside the area, but the ball went over the goal.

At the 33rd minute, Sport had a great opportunity. Sabino launched the ball from the defensive field, and it reached Vágner Love, one-on-one with the goalkeeper. The striker attempted a chip shot, and Thiago Couto made the save, with Alan Ruiz missing on the rebound.

Sport equalized at the 40th minute. Jorginho took a free-kick from midfield into the box, the Jaconera’s defense cleared poorly, and Alan Ruiz scored a fantastic goal. The Argentine hit a first-time rocket into the top corner.

At the 42nd minute, Vágner Love crossed the ball into the box, Jorginho battled with Zé Marcos, and the ball fell to Edison Negueba. The play continued as normal, but after a VAR review, the referee detected a handball by Zé Marcos and awarded a penalty. During the penalty kick, the top scorer Vágner Love had a poor strike, and Thiago Couto made the save.

At the 49th minute, Nenê attempted an Olympic goal at the near post, but Denis made a great save.

Juventude 2 x 2 Sport pela Série B

Photo: Rafael Bandeira/SPORT

For the second half, the rain intensified once again. At the 9th minute, Jean Irmer took a long-range shot, but the ball hit the net from the outside, posing a threat.

Juventude scored their second goal from another free-kick taken by Nenê. The midfielder delivered, and Gabriel Taliari outpaced Sport’s defense to score at the 16th minute.

At the 19th minute, Love passed to Diego Souza, who attempted a nutmeg and entered the box. However, the ball went too far, and the goalkeeper claimed it.

At the 24th minute, after a scrum in the box, the ball fell to Felipinho, who fired a rocket, and Thiago Couto made a terrific save.

At the 44th minute, Edinho crossed into the box, and Fabrício Daniel headed unmarked, but Thiago Couto collected it calmly.

Sport equalized at the 48th minute. After a high clearance, Gabriel Taliari cleared it poorly, and the ball returned to the defensive half. Following a header, Fábio Matheus deflected it to Edinho, who, with great speed, invaded the box and slotted it past Thiago Couto, driving the crowd to madness.

Juventude Rafael Bandeira/SPORT

Photo: Rafael Bandeira/SPORT

In the last play of the match, at the 52nd minute, a highly controversial incident occurred, leading to a lot of complaints from Sport. Felipinho delivered a throw-in into the box, Sabino contested with Jean Irmer, and the ball fell to Edinho, who scored once again. However, the referee called a foul on Sabino, blowing the whistle before the end of the play, with no possibility of VAR review.

Sport’s players were furious and voiced strong protests. In the post-match interview, Edinho said, “He said he blew the whistle before. Like, he called the foul, it was a challenge, no one knows what happened, the ball was in the box, both of them were contesting. I don’t know if it was a foul or not.”

With the draw, Juventude and Sport remain in the top four, in the 4th and 2nd positions, respectively.

Written by Henry Miller.

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