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Antero Greco: Generosity, Competence, and Courage

Antero Greco

Last Thursday, 16 May 2024, one of the greatest journalists, not just in the sporting world but in Brazilian history, Antero Greco, passed away.

Join us as we look back on the journey of Antero, or Anterito, as his close friends called him.

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Brief Biography of Antero Greco

Antero Greco, or simply Anterito, was born on 2 June 1954, in the city of São Paulo, more specifically, in the Bom Retiro neighbourhood.

The son of Italian immigrants, Antero was a passionate sports fan and a fervent supporter of Palmeiras, honouring his roots.

His gift with words led him to the best university in Latin America, the University of São Paulo. There, he graduated from the School of Communications and Arts, majoring in journalism.

His professional journey began at the age of 20. In 1974, he started at the newspaper “O Estado de São Paulo” as a proofreader, and within a few years, he rose to become a sports reporter. His career in print journalism also included stints at “Popular da Tarde,” “Folha de São Paulo,” and “Diário Popular.”

Na década de 1980, na redação do

Image: Personal Archive Antero Greco

In Estadão, he had several tenures. In 1989, he temporarily left the newspaper to work at Agência Estado, and in 1992, he returned as the sports editor, a position he held until the end of 1993.

Greco returned to Estadão at the end of 2000 and, between 2006 and 2009, once again served as sports editor. Besides his editorial roles, he was a columnist and created the blog “Viramundo,” where he wrote about various football and sports topics. He remained at Estadão until 2018, leaving a significant mark on the newspaper’s sports coverage.

In 1983, Antero transitioned to television, starting at Band, where he commented on the broadcasts of the Italian Championship.

His broadcasting partner was none other than Silvio Luiz, one of Brazil’s greatest commentators.

Covering Serie A matches at their technical peak, the duo made history on Band’s programming.

Coincidentally or not, the great Silvio Luiz passed away on the same day as Antero Greco. Such is life.

Antero Greco - Que fim levou? - Terceiro Tempo

Image: Personal Archive Antero Greco

His career took a significant leap in 1994 when he joined ESPN Brasil, where he stood out as one of the main sports commentators, contributing to various programmes such as “Linha de Passe,” “É Rapidinho,” and “Bate-bola.”

However, it was alongside Paulo Soares, popularly known as Amigão, that Antero could showcase his intelligence, charisma, and wit to the entire nation.

At the helm of SportsCenter, late at night, sports fans gathered in front of the television to get updates on the Brasileirão, Libertadores, and more, accompanied by Amigão and Anterito.

The programme delivered quality information, guided by Amigão and dissected by Antero. Occasionally, it was infused with humour.

The synergy between them was impressive. They often broke the “television protocol” and burst into laughter. We, the viewers, followed suit.

The partnership lasted 20 years. During the pandemic, Amigão was absent on some occasions.

In July 2022, Antero was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He underwent various stages of treatment, including surgeries, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.

Despite the adverse circumstances, he showed his courage and greatness, continuing to work. Regardless of his deteriorating health, Anterito delivered his insightful comments, filled with knowledge and balance.

Unfortunately, our dear Antero’s battle ended on the 16th, when his death was declared due to the brain tumour.

Maradona esteve em São Paulo em abril de 1981, para a entrega do Troféu Gandula, e foi entrevistado por Antero Greco e Tony José. Foto: Luiz Gevaerd

Image: Luiz Gevaerd

Who Was Antero Greco and What Does He Symbolise?

It is very difficult to speak of unanimity, especially in the world of football.

When we look at the great communicators in this field, we can notice significant divergences among viewers and colleagues.

But when it comes to Antero Greco, not a single voice rises negatively against the journalist.

This is true for both his charisma and his football insights.

The truth is that Antero was (and is) much more than a light-hearted commentator. He had a profound knowledge of football. Whether in terms of tactics or the broader world of the sport, the popular “boleiragem.”

Moreover, he was eloquent in his speech and balanced. Unlike most of his colleagues, he avoided hyperboles aimed at generating engagement. He was well-prepared and refrained from saying anything foolish or uttering phrases that might age poorly.

This ability was reflected in the numerous posthumous tributes.

In one of them, ESPN journalist André Kfouri shared a bit of the behind-the-scenes at the network and how Antero interacted.

Kfouri is categorical in saying that the Antero we saw on screen was the same as the one he interacted with daily. A person who never needed to play a character in front of the cameras.

According to him, Antero was a person endowed with sincerity. When we see this term, it may seem simple, but it is not. Kfouri describes how Antero Greco took sincerity seriously. Whether in a brief smile, when asking someone if they were alright, or in his opinions.

The fact is, to this writer, Antero was all this and much more. Even without knowing him personally, he was a great inspiration for the writers of this site to discuss what we love unconditionally: football.

Antero was an opinion maker, always well-grounded in his statements. Such a stance made me, besides reading his texts, turn on the TV, late at night, with my brothers and father, to learn about the sports world.

Thus, the figure of Antero (and also of Amigão) remains in our memory as part of our family. In this way, he will never be forgotten, because, just as I, my father, and my brothers gathered to watch him, I am sure many other families did too.

Antero Greco will be eternal. Both for his legacy and the fond memories his image brings.

Thank you, Anterito, for so much inspiration and the beautiful 69 years lived.

Em 16 de dezembro de 2021, a afinadíssima e muito bem humorada dupla Paulo Soares e Antero Greco, durante o SportsCenter, da ESPN. Foto: Divulgação

Image: Divulgação ESPN

Written by Vitor F L Miller.

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