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City draws with Arsenal and Liverpool is the new leader


With the match between Manchester City and Arsenal by 0x0, the new leader of the Premier League is Liverpool, which defeated Brighton by 2×1 at Anfield.

The Reds have 67 points in 29 games, while Arsenal and subsequently Manchester City have 65 and 64 points respectively.

There is no further direct confrontation between Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City in the remaining eight rounds.

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Manchester City 0x0 Arsenal

At 7 minutes, Ben White advanced on the right side and crossed. Akanji climbed in the void and the ball was left to Gabriel Jesus, who dominated and kicked near the rod.

In the 15th minute, De Bruyne picked up, Aké headed alone in the small area, but Raya held the ball.

At 30 minutes, Arsenal matched the counter-attack, in a game that went through several players. Kiwior touched Gabriel Jesus at the entrance of the area, who pulled to the canhota and hit crossed, near the rod.

At the end of the first round, Arsenal had only 28% of the ball, but had the same number of finishes as City.

Jornal Correio | Manchester City e Arsenal ficam no 0x0, e o Liverpool é o novo líder da Premier League

Photo: Manchester City/Divulgation

At 2 minutes, the City made a good pass exchange, the ball arrived in Kovacic and the midfielder hit placed. The fall took danger.

At 6 minutes, Arsenal stole the ball from the field of attack, Ødegaard played for Saka in the area, who crossed the raster, but Gabriel Jesus failed to complete.

In the 30th minute, De Bruyne picked up the squad, tried to score the Olympic goal, but Raya made the defense in two times and got the ball.

The next minute, De Bruyne pulled a counterattack, reversing to Doku, who attempted the shot, but kicked very badly.

At 36 minutes, Grealish swung over the scoring and crossed to Doku, who hit first out.

At the 38th minute, Gvardiol diverted the first stick. Haaland tried, but he stole the ball.

At the 40th minute, Arsenal responded. Ødegaard found a nice pass for Trossard, who pulled to the canhota and struck to defend Ortega.

Playing at home, the City had scored at least one goal for 59 games, since 9 March 2022, when it scored 0x0 with Sporting for the Champions League.

Liverpool 2×1 Brighton

Liverpool took advantage of the match between Manchester City and Arsenal, defeated Brighton in turn and became the new leader of the Premier League.

Right on the first arrival, at 2 minutes, Brighton opened the scoreboard. Adingra had room to move forward, but in trying to cross, he made a mistake, however, Van Dijk moved away badly and the ball was at Welbeck’s feet, positioned at the entrance of the large area. The striker did not hesitate, finished first and scored a spectacular goal, shooting precisely in Kelleher’s left angle.

VIDEO: Danny Welbeck haunts Liverpool! Brighton star scores incredible opener inside TWO minutes as Reds endure nightmare start to vital Premier League clash at Anfield |

Photo by GettyImages

At 8 minutes, Bradley touched Salah in the area, who hit placed looking for the angle. The ball went too close to the goal.

At the 11th minute, Mac Allister risked the entrance of the area and took danger.

At the 17th minute, Mac Allister found a nice pass for Salah in the area, who picked first and commanded over the goal.

At the 18th minute, Bradley invaded the area and played for Salah, who hit first out.

After being disadvantaged, the hosts took control of the ball possession and pressed the offensive field, creating multiple opportunities in front of a well-organized defensive opponent. The draw came at 27 minutes, after the squad, Salah took advantage of the rebound and headed to the area. Veltman did not manage to cut completely and Luis Díaz did not waste the chance, scoring the goal.

At 30 minutes, Welbeck entered the area, swung over the mark and struck the canot, hitting the net from the outside.

At 32 minutes, Szoboszlai found a great pass for Salah, but the Egyptian kicked weak in the middle of the goal and Verbruggen made the defense quiet.

At the eighth minute of the second stage, Joe Gomez crossed, Mac Allister appeared among the backers and headed to the traw.

At the 18th minute, Darwin Nuñez received in the area, gave a cut in the scoring, hit the right and Verbruggen scattered.

Liverpool reached the turn in the 19th minute. Mac Allister encountered Salah in the area, who dominated and kicked to score the Reds’ second goal.

Liverpool 2 x 1 Brighton | Premier League: melhores momentos

Photo: REUTERS/Molly Darlington

At 22 minutes, Szoboszlai crossed, Baleba diverted and almost scored a goal against. The ball went to the squad.

At 27 minutes, Liverpool swung the nets in a counterattack finalised by Díaz, after Salah’s precise pass. However, the Colombian was slightly impeded, the assistant checked the irregularity in the field and the VAR confirmed.

At the 30th minute, Liverpool matched a big counterattack, Salah was face-to-face with the goalkeeper and Verbruggen made the defense.

In the 35th minute, Brighton failed in the area, Dunk diverted and Kelleher went to pick up at the corner.

At the 40th minute, Lallana received a great pass from Veltman and hit crossed, near the bar.

In the last chance of the match, at 45 minutes, Salah hit right after the crossing and Verbruggen made a great defense.

With the victory, Liverpool returned to the lead in the Premier League with 67 points, followed by Arsenal with 65 and Manchester City with 64.

Written by Henry Miller.

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