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Qatar 2022: Croatia-Brazil 5-3 on penalties, quarter-finals

Croazia-brasile giocatori del Brasile che esultano Croatia-brazil

Presentation of the match Croatia-Brazil quarterfinals

On the one hand the vice world champions in Russia 2018 on the other the team that has won the most in the history of the world championships Brazil, this is already enough to present this quarter-final.

Brazil is presented as favourites, at least in a percentage of 60%, given by the level of its squad and also by the game expressed along the way of this World Cup, especially in the eighth-final against South Korea. With the defense commanded by an ever green Thiago Silva, the midfield with Casemiro one of the best of this tournament and the attack formed by Neymar, Richarlison and Vinicius Jr, have all the elements to create difficulties for the Croatians.

Croatia will rely on its super midfield, with Modric, Brozovic and Kovacic, ready to put Casemiro and his teammates in difficulty. In defense Gvardiol, one of the most interesting young players in this World Cup, will try to oppose the phenomenal Brazilian forwards. The only weak point is the attack, made up of good players, Kramaric the most dangerous, not at the level of his teammates who occupy the other parts of the field.

Commentary Croatia-Brazil Quarter Final-First Half

It starts with Brazil taking control of the game, with Neymar’s central 3′ shot for Livakovic. In the 11th minute Perisic failed to deflect a dangerous cross from the right. In the 19th minute Richarlison tries after an exchange with Vinicius, Gvradiol rejects. In the 21st minute Neymar’s shot was a simple save for the Croatian goalkeeper Livakovic. In the 25th minute Danilo was booked for an imprudent game foul.

On 29′ Perisic kicked high from a difficult position. In the 31st minute a yellow card for Brozovic for interrupting a clear attack against Neymar. In the 39th minute Juranovic recovers a ball from Vinicius in speed. In the 42nd minute Neymar’s punishment that doesn’t worry Livakovic. At 46′ the end of the first half.

Very balanced first half with Brazil trying to control the game but Croatia are careful to close all the spaces. Some good play by Brazil’s singles, in Croatia the collective is good.

Second half

The second half starts with a thrill for Croatia with Gvardiol at 47′ who risks an own goal, good Livakovic to deflect. On the 54th occasion for Neymar who engages Livakovic with his left foot. In the 67th minute there was an opportunity for Paquetà who tried to surprise Livakovic with a lob. In the 68th minute Casemiro was booked and interrupted a clear attacking action. In the 77th minute Livakovic closes well on Neymar.

In the 78th minute Militao was booked for an imprudent foul play against an opponent. In the 80th minute Rodrygo tries for Livakovic. In the 86th minute Militao tries just inside the area and his shot goes wide. In the 94th minute the final whistle of the second half.

It goes to extra time to decide who will go to the semifinals between Croatia and Brazil.

formazioni Croazia-brasile

First extra time

In the 96th minute Sosa anticipates Antony. In the 99th minute Sosa was still good at closing. In the 103rd minute Brozovic had a high ball out of goal. In the 105th minute Brazil’s goal with Neymar, dribbles three opponents and scores into the net, after also overcoming goalkeeper Livakovic, a fantastic goal by the Brazilian phenomenon. In the 106th minute, the first half of extra time ends.

Neymar che segna al primo tempo supplementare

Secondo tempo supplementare

Al 117’pareggio della Croazia con Petkovic che calcia appena dentro l’area di rigore e insacca alla destra di Alison. Al 122’occasione per Casemiro, grande parata di Livakovic. Al 123’fine del secondo tempo supplementare con il punteggio di 1-1.

Si va ai tiri di rigore

Finisce 5-3 per la Croazia

La Croazia vince ai tiri di rigore e vola alle semifinali del mondiale. Il Brasile sbaglia due tiri di rigore con Rodrygo e Marquinhos, mentre i croati sono precisi realizzando tutti quelli a sua disposizione.

La Croazia in semifinale incontrerà la vincente tra Olanda e Argentina. Con il Brasile esce dopo la Spagna un’altra delle favorite alla vigilia, ancora una volta il Brasile non riesce ad arrivare fino alla fine del torneo.

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