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Qatar 2022: Top 8 and Flop 6 referees in the group stage

arbitri nella fase a gironi clement turpin referees in the group stage

Top referees in the group stage

arbitri nella fase a gironi Orsato referees in the group stage

At the end of the first phase of the World Cup, in which the teams going to the round of 16 were determined, let’s try to draw up a ranking of the best and worst referees in the group stage.

The tops were:

  • Daniele Orsato (Italy): In the two direct matches, the Italian whistler showed personality and authority, good from a technical and disciplinary point of view. His athletic preparation also impressed him, he presented himself at the top. The Italian referee category is once again among the best in the world.
  • Carlos Ramos (Mexico): The Mexican whistler surprised by the management of direct matches, always close to the action, good in managing players from a disciplinary point of view.
  • Wilton Sampaio (Brazil): He is the top referee of the Brazilian championship, in the matches in which he has been involved and has always been very concentrated, excellent dialogue with the players, excellent athletic preparation. He was immediately called to direct a round of 16 match between the Netherlands and the United States.
  • Clement Turpin (France): The French referee directed with his usual confidence and tranquillity, he was good in managing the match and had an excellent approach with the players. The last referee to take charge of the Champions League final, he may be a candidate for the final, French international permitting.
  • Danny Makkelie (Netherlands): It was good because he showed great personality and calmness. The only drawback was the penalty awarded to Argentina in the match against Poland, after being called to the Var for an alleged foul on Messi.
  • Szymon Marciniak (Poland): The Pole is always authoritative, his way of approaching the players during the match was very positive, this allowed him to direct without major problems confirming all this referee the eighth final between Argentina- Australia.
  • Andres Matonte (Uruguay): The youngest of the refereeing team, 34 years old, appeared very confident and prepared from a technical refereeing point of view. We will hear about him in the future.
  • Stephanie Frappart (France): Quote for her, she made the history of world refereeing, having been the first woman to officiate a match in the World Cup. From an arbitration point of view, the direct Costa Rica-Germany match was not difficult. That said, she has shown that she has personality and athleticism, some mistakes in spotting some fouls.

Flop referees in the group stage

arbitri nella fase a gironi Antonio Mateu Lahoz referees in the group stage

The flops were:

  • Janny Sikazwe (Zambia): The referee from Zambia, has shown in some decisions that he is not prepared to face a world-class competition. Too approximate in important decisions, poor collaboration with assistants. Furthermore, in his approach to football players he sometimes appeared presumptuous.
  • Abdulrahman Al Jassim (Qatar): The match director from Qatar reflects what was the level of his country’s national team. Not prepared to face a match in the world championship, poor in technical decisions, very weak as a personality in the relationship with the players. In Italy he would referee at the level of Excellence and Promotion.
  • Matthew Conger (New Zealand): The New Zealand referee, in some decisions made, appeared very indecisive and not concentrated. Definitely not up to refereeing a World Cup match.
  • Antonio Mateu Lahoz (Spain): He is one of the best referees in Europe, in this World Cup he made some mistakes, especially in the first match, which are not part of his usual way of refereeing. He probably didn’t arrive in great shape at this world championship. Excellent performances are always expected from one of his level and for this reason he should be quoted negatively.
  • Daniel Siebert (Germany): Being one of the best in Germany, a major world championship was expected of him. He started well in the first direct match and this boded well, in the second instead he made many mistakes and seemed undecided in approaching the players. Let’s see if FIFA’s top referees will designate him again or if he will go home, as happened for the German national team.
  • Anthony Taylor (England): The English referee is like Mateu Lahoz one of the best in the world, because an arbitration without infamy and without praise, has not refereed as usual, from him we always expect directions from a great referee and for this must be cited negatively.

This was the ranking of the best and worst referees in the group stage, for other rankings of this kind, follow

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