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The Wanda Metropolitano: the modern home of Atlético

wanda metropolitano atletico madrid

The Wanda Metropolitano stadium, located in the Spanish capital, is the hub of Atletico Madrid’s football fervor. This majestic facility, inaugurated in September 2017, has quickly gained fame not only for its impressive architecture, but also for the passion instilled in its foundations by the rojiblancos fans.

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From the Old Metropolitan to the New Wanda

Atletico Madrid had a long history at the old Metropolitano stadium, which witnessed the exploits of football legends and welcomed unforgettable moments. However, in 1966, the club moved to the Estadio Vicente Calderon, abandoning the old facility. This decision led to the construction of the new Wanda Metropolitano stadium, a modern and cutting-edge structure.

old metropolitano stadium

Inaugurated with a grand ceremony, the Wanda Metropolitano represented a rebirth for Atletico Madrid, a return to its roots without forgetting the importance of innovation and progress. The structure is a hymn to modern architecture, with a capacity of over 68,000 spectators, making it one of the largest stadiums in Spain.

A Contemporary Masterpiece

The architecture of the Wanda Metropolitano is a symphony of modern design and functionality. Designed by the Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos studio, the stadium is a masterpiece that combines the majesty of a contemporary structure with the elegance of football tradition.


The external facade is a combination of steel, glass and white panels, creating a clean and futuristic aesthetic. The roof is a distinctive element, with its curved shape and ability to light up in club colors during party nights. The interior of the stadium is equally impressive, with ergonomic seating and an atmosphere that captures the essence of Spanish football.

Unforgettable Fans and Choreographies

What makes the Wanda Metropolitano truly special is the unique energy created by the Atletico Madrid fans. The south curve, known as “La Grada”, is the home of the most passionate supporters. Their presence is like a twelfth player on the pitch, encouraging the team with songs and flags throughout the match.

The choreographies organized by the fans are spectacular. With human mosaics and giant flags, fans transform the stadium into a living work of art. This sense of unity between the team and its supporters is tangible, turning every match into an unforgettable experience.

A Stage for Great Competitions

The Wanda Metropolitano is not only the home of Atletico Madrid during the league season, but is also a stage for European competitions. In 2019, the stadium hosted the Champions League final, adding another glorious chapter to the club’s history. This event consolidated the Wanda Metropolitano as one of the most prestigious and coveted stadiums in Europe.

civitas metropolitano madrid fireworks

The structure was also chosen as a venue for the Spanish national team’s matches, helping to consolidate its reputation as one of the most important sporting facilities in the country.

The Modern Stadium Experience

In addition to the emotional experience offered by football matches, the Wanda Metropolitano also offers a wide range of services and amenities for its spectators. From state-of-the-art restaurants and bars to family entertainment areas, the stadium is designed to accommodate a diverse audience. Wi-Fi connectivity and next-generation services ensure that viewers can share their memorable moments instantly.

The Wanda Metropolitano as the heart of Atletico Madrid

In conclusion, the Wanda Metropolitano is much more than a football stadium; it is the beating heart of Atletico Madrid, a structure that embodies the passion, history and innovation of the club. With its impressive architecture, the unique atmosphere created by the fans and the ability to host events of international resonance, the Wanda Metropolitano is destined to remain an enduring symbol of Spanish football.

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