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Corinthians and Grêmio stage a memorable 8-goal draw


Corinthians and Grêmio played to a 4-4 draw at Neo Química Arena in a postponed Brasileirão match. The epic game featured twists, emotions, and refereeing controversies.

Grêmio took a 2-goal lead in the first half but quickly fell behind with a turnaround in just 6 minutes, including injury time. The Immortal side regained the lead early in the second half but then conceded the equalizer.

Corinthians 4×4 Grêmio

Grêmio started stronger, dominating the match. The first opportunity came with Nathan at the 8th minute. The midfielder received a pass from Suárez inside the box, controlled the ball, and shot, but Cássio made a comfortable save.

At the 19th minute, Suárez initiated a counter-attack and passed to João Pedro Galvão on the left wing of the box. The forward aimed for the corner, but Cássio held onto the ball.

Known for their excellent passing game, the Immortal team scored their first goal with this skill. At the 20th minute, Nathan received the ball from Fábio on the right, connected with Cristaldo, and penetrated the penalty area. The Argentine delivered a beautiful pass to the number 14 shirt, who, unmarked, slotted the ball home to open the scoring.

Grêmio extended their lead at the 26th minute. After another offensive transition, Reinaldo crossed into the area, behind the defense, and found Cristaldo’s head, who skillfully headed it past Cássio, scoring the second for the Tricolor.

After Grêmio’s clear dominance, Corinthians woke up in the game. At the 30th minute, Yuri Alberto played a wall pass, received the cross from Fagner in the box, attempted a beautiful volley but was denied by Gabriel Grando’s save.

On a counter-attack initiated by Fábio Santos, Yuri Alberto passed to Rojas all alone in the area, but the Paraguayan sent the ball over the bar, wasting the opportunity.

At the 42nd minute, Pedro made an individual play and crossed into the area. Renato Augusto anticipated the marking and was fouled by Villasanti, winning a penalty. The specialist, Fábio Santos, took the shot, striking it powerfully and across the goal, converting it and marking the beginning of Timão’s comeback.

At the 48th minute, Rojas took on Cristaldo, unleashed a cannon from outside the box, and Grando tipped it over for a corner. Rojas himself took the corner, Lucas Veríssimo won the duel against Rodrigo Ely and equalized the match. It was the defender’s first goal wearing the Corinthians jersey.

Just when the first half seemed to be ending in a tie, Corinthians turned the game around in the dying moments, at the 51st minute. Maycon played a through ball behind the defense and found Yuri Alberto all alone, who headed it into the net, sending the crowd into a frenzy.


Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF

In the second half, Grêmio returned more focused, taking only 5 minutes to equalize. Everton Galdino, who replaced Nathan, received a pass from João Pedro Galvão, eluded Fábio Santos’s marking, struck from the edge of the area, and scored a fantastic goal in Itaquera.

The Immortal’s turnaround came at the 12th minute. In a goal very similar to the first of the match, executed by Nathan, Villasanti delivered a beautiful pass to Suárez, in the same area of the field. The Uruguayan wasted no time and chipped the ball in, marking Grêmio’s fourth goal. It was Suárez’s first goal outside the state of Rio Grande do Sul during his time with the Tricolor.

Trailing on the scoreboard, Coach Luxemburgo made substitutions, bringing in Wesley and Giuliano for Pedro and Moscardo, and reaped rewards from these changes. At the 21st minute, Yuri Alberto moved out of the box, played a wall pass, and passed to Wesley. The winger cut inside and found Giuliano inside the box, who struck the ball, beating the goalkeeper, to level the match once again.


Photo: Caio de Sousa / Pera Photo Press/Estadão Conteúdo

At the 47th minute, a major controversy erupted. Ferreirinha crossed the ball, and it struck Yuri Alberto’s arm, who was in a blocking action with an unnatural arm position, intercepting a cross into the box. Despite strong protests from the Immortal side, Wilton Pereira Sampaio didn’t even consult the VAR.

Following this glaring mistake, the CBF suspended the referees involved in the incident. Wilton Pereira Sampaio and VAR referee Emerson de Almeida Ferreira will spend some time in the Referee Performance Assistance Program (Pada).


Photo: Marcos Ribolli


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Written by Henry Miller.

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