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Germán Cano: The World’s Top Scorer

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German Cano is currently in an absolutely spectacular phase. When we think about the global top scorers in recent years, the first names that come to mind are Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Haaland, or Mbappé.

However, German Cano’s numbers will surprise you.

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Career History

German Cano is Argentine and was born in the small town of Posadas in 1988.

He is one of those rare football examples where a player reaches his peak and gains international recognition at a more advanced age.

He started his career in 2007 with Lanús in Argentina. He spent three years there, being loaned to the small Chacaritas Jrs in the meantime.

Consagrado no Brasil, Cano retorna à Argentina para provar 'faro artilheiro' que não explodiu em seu país natal

Image: Cano’s Personal Archive

He then joined Colón, another lesser-known club in Argentina.

In 2012, he moved to Nacional in Paraguay, but in the same year, he transferred to Independiente de Medellin in Colombia.

It’s worth noting that, until his transfer to Colombian football, he had already accumulated five years of career but with only 16 goals.

Independiente de Medellin marked a turning point in his career. He stayed there for two years, leaving in 2015.

During this time, he scored an incredible 54 goals in 94 matches, becoming a great scorer, already approaching 26 years of age.

Cano’s excellent performance and numerous goals drew interest from Mexican football. Therefore, Cano prepared for another transfer, joining Pachuca in 2015.

While at Pachuca, he scored goals, but his performance didn’t meet expectations. With 8 goals in 33 games, he was loaned to another Mexican team, León.

He spent the 2016 and 2017 seasons with León, scoring 13 goals in 48 matches.

However, Cano’s heart belonged to Colombian football, more specifically Independiente Medellin. Still under contract with Pachuca, the top scorer was loaned back to the club where he had previously shined.

He played one more season at Independiente Medellin, once again piling up goals. He scored 34 goals in 50 matches in the 2018 season, culminating in winning the National League title with the Colombian club.

With his contract with Pachuca ending in 2019, he permanently transferred to Independiente Medellin, where he played for another season. That year, he achieved his highest goal-scoring average, with 41 goals in 47 matches.

Germán Ezequiel Cano: "Me gustaría poder retirarme en Medellín, es un sueño" | Goal.com Argentina

Image: OGoal

Cano was well known, especially in the Colombian and Mexican football scenes, but it was in Brazil that he truly reached a distinguished status in his career.

He joined Vasco da Gama in 2020 to help the team in their fight against relegation. While the team couldn’t avoid relegation, Cano’s performance was by far the best on the squad, scoring 14 goals in that edition.

Despite drawing interest from several Brazilian clubs, he showed great loyalty to Vasco da Gama and promised to stay with the team in Serie B to help them return to Serie A the following year.

Cano did his best, but Vasco had a poor campaign, finishing in 10th place and enduring another year in Serie B.

In the 2022 season, he left Vasco and joined their rivals, Fluminense. From there, the great scorer became even greater. We will now discuss Cano’s incredible achievements with Fluminense.

Com três gols de Cano, Fluminense goleia River Plate pela Libertadores - Esportes - Campo Grande News

Image: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

Cano at Fluminense

If you had to guess who has scored the most goals in 2022 up to the present moment, who would you choose?

Most likely, the strongest candidates for the next Ballon d’Or, Mbappé and Haaland.

Or even Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, given their history as top scorers. Perhaps Benzema, who won the Ballon d’Or during this period.

The answer is none of them.

The player with the title of the world’s top scorer during this period is an Argentine with strong Brazilian ties, Germán Cano.

From 2022 until last week, the top scorer has scored nothing less than 80 goals during this period, leading the list of top scorers as follows: – (Sofascore data)

  • Germán Cano – 80 goals
  • Kylian Mbappé – 73 goals
  • Erling Haaland – 70 goals
  • Amahl Pellegrino – 62 goals
  • Karim Benzema – 61 goals

But how were these goals scored?

The Argentine scored 44 goals with his right foot, 21 with his left foot, 13 with his head, 1 with his chest, and 1 with his belly.

These numbers alone demonstrate the player’s versatility, capable of using both feet and adapting to various situations to put the ball in the back of the net.

Another interesting statistic is that he scored 81% of these 80 goals with just one touch, reflecting his killer instinct.

Currently, he is the top scorer in the Copa Libertadores, with 12 goals in 11 matches, leading Fluminense to the final for the second time in its history.

Fluminense has never won the Copa Libertadores, making this possible title, to be contested against the mighty Boca Juniors, the most important trophy in the club’s history.

In addition, in the Libertadores, Cano scored two goals at the Maracanã in the difficult semifinal against Internacional. As if that wasn’t enough, he also scored the goal that sealed Tricolor’s qualification at Beira-Rio.

Cano has only won two titles in his career: a Colombian League title mentioned earlier, and the 2023 Carioca Championship. However, when it comes to being the number one in scoring goals, he has several titles.

He has won 9 scoring titles in his career, including the Brasileirão, the Copa do Brasil, and the Colombian League. Soon, the Libertadores top scorer title will be added, as no player on the field can surpass him.

This is Cano’s career, and this is the importance of our work: to provide information to the football world about a player who is an absolute goal-scorer but is not widely known internationally among media and football enthusiasts.

Image: Fluminense FC – site oficial

Written by Vitor F L Miller.

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